Today is the first day of Fall.

Fall is my favorite season- I love the foggy mornings when the sun is coming up. When I’m driving the kids to school the horizon looks huge and the sun like a glowing red-orange fireball coming up to slowly cook the morning into afternoon. The crunch of the leaves under foot, mums, all of the funky gourds, and everything pumpkin and spice. Fall is comfortable and cozy and everything that we all need right now.

Fall is the smell of pie in the oven – coffee brewing- and caramel or cider on the stove top. My in-laws had an end-of-summer BBQ a couple weeks back and of course my mother-in-law said ‘Don’t bring anything-don’t worry-we’ve got it.” But come on! We all know we can’t be the one family showing up to eat and not bringing a dish! This is southwest Missouri for heaven’s sake. At the last minute I dug through the freezer and found some frozen peaches-my pantry had Crisco-flour-and salt….only a lil’ bit of Crisco though, leaving me only enough mix for a bottom crust so a Streusel topping came to mind.

Brown Sugar-Oats-Pecans-Butter on top of my Peaches inside a quick rolled out crust and into the oven it went! Matt came walking through the kitchen and said, “Why Pie? Really, don’t you see enough pie?”

Without thinking I said-“This is Easy!”(…and it smells great and your mom is making homemade ice cream…hello!) All of this being said, I feel like Fall is that Peach Streusel Pie….comfortable, cozy, and smells great. Our sweet-loud-imperfect family is the dollop of homemade ice cream. Our little cousins were at the BBQ and the evening was simple and fun and easy , one of those nights that you just hope won’t end– tractors in the dirt, shoes off in the grass- and the cool evening made fall seem even closer.

My hope for each of us this Fall 2020 is Comfortable, Cozy, the Smell of Fresh Baked Peach Streusel Pie (with that dollop of homemade ice cream!) Pumpkin spice, caramel cream, funky gourds on your porch, and warm coffee in your pot.

From Scratch Pie is Comfort Food at its Finest and you know where you can find us – see you soon.