Comfort and Joy!

Hmmmm…It’s December. Christmas is fast approaching-twinkling lights-especially brisk mornings- and Christmas carols. Christmas brings beautiful carols and music that we only hear once a year. Music filled with the promise of Joy and Peace and Comfort.

Our hearts are filled with generosity. Each of us has a need for those less fortunate to feel cozy and blessed, especially at Christmas. December is a month that each of feels the need to know how we can help.

My hope is that through Christmas we can really have JOY. The JOY that comes with the hope and promise of Jesus Christ. He is what fills the need, that we each have, for wholeness. A baking pie in the oven and fresh orange-clove potpourri on the stovetop are cozy and comfortable but don’t even compare to the understanding that God sent his son to earth to save us – from our greatest enemy, ourselves.

This is what will truly give us peace. Peace as a person, Peace as a Nation, Peace as a Whole. My prayer is that for each of us this Christmas and into 2021- that we are so looking forward to.

Comfort and Joy and Merry Christmas…and pie and fresh potpourri to Each of Us!

Bring on 2021!